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DoGiS Database - Foreign legal literature
Index of foreign legal periodicals

What is it

DogiS database contains ToCs of foreign legal periodicals articles about:

  • Human rights
  • European law
  • Information and communication technologies and law

Documentary features

  • Corpus of periodicals:77
  • Database size: 39.157 DoGiS documents (update July 2009)
  • Frequency of updating: monthly

Access modality

  • Fields searching

    The searching modalities reflect the analytical structure of documentary DoGiS records.

    Searches on fields and sub fields are combined by the AND operator.

  • Periodicals

    Periodicals can be searched by title words, exact title, publisher, ISSN and area of law. For each periodical it is possibile to:

    1. View ToCs for each periodical issue
    2. Access to the bibliographic record of the periodical and to its area of law

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